The Godfather has topped a new list of the best reviewed Best Film Oscar winners of all time. The revered movie and it's sequel both made the top 10 on the critics list, compiled by internet site The Godfather, considered by many critics to be the best film ever made, claimed the top spot by winning over 97.99 per cent of those who reviewed the movie. The website's editors claim the film is one of "Hollywood's greatest critical and commercial successes," adding, "The Godfather gets everything right; not only did the movie transcend expectations, it established new benchmarks for American cinema." The film beat another Marlon Brando movie, ON THE WATERFRONT, and All About Eve. The top 10 is: 1. THE GODFATHER 2. ON THE WATERFRONT 3. ALL ABOUT EVE 4. SUNRISE 5. REBECCA 6. MARTY 7. THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES 8. Lawrence Of Arabia 9. THE GODFATHER PART II 10. Casablanca.