Rap icon The Game hates rival rapper XZIBIT so much he dismisses him as "bulls**t" - because Xzibit branded the former G-Unit member overrated.

But the controversial hip-hop star, real name JAYCEON TAYLOR, insists his widespread success with latest album THE DOCUMENTARY has given him the last laugh.

He says, "I hate Xzibit. His time's come and gone, and he had no reason to hate on me.

"He said I was overrated. Now I'm platinum in two-and-a-half weeks in America.

"Him, along with a string of other rap artists, are pretty much bulls**t."

The Game has only recently ended a feud with former mentor 50 CENT following a shooting outside New York radio station HOT 97 last month (28FEB05).

25/03/2005 17:43