The Game has cast doubt over his plans to retire from the rap game - insisting he would consider making a fourth album if he can get his former mentor DR. DRE on board.
In recent months, the Dreams hitmaker has repeatedly declared he will quit his music career after the release of his new album LAX this summer (08).
Just last week (ends13Jun08), The Game - real name Jayceon Taylor - admitted he's had enough of life on the road and wants to dedicate more time to family matters.
But now the rapper appears to be changing his mind about hanging up the mic - if he can bring together several hip-hop heavyweights from his native Compton, California for the record.
He says: "If I do come back with another album, it'll be called The D.O.C.
"It'll have 10 songs on it. It won't have titles, it'll just be Chapter One through Ten, and (it stands for) The Diary of Compton.
"The only way that I'll do The D.O.C. or comeback to do that album is if I can get (former NWA rapper) Ren, King Tee, (Dr.) Dre, (Ice) Cube, because I don't want any features except people who've been through Compton and really made their mark.
"If I can make The Diary of Compton happen, and can get Dre to executive produce that, then you'll see a fourth album."
And if The Game's plans don't come into fruition, he is happy enough just spending time with his two sons - Harlem, four, and King, one.
He adds, "If not, you'll see me driving by the park in California, you'll see me throwing balls with my kids, that's it."
Meanwhile, his third album LAX has been pushed back for the second time - the disc will now hit stores in the U.S. on 22 July (08), instead of 8 July (08).