Rapper The Game has been "subliminally" insulting JAY-Z on his records - in a bizarre bid to get the hip-hop mogul to work with him.
The Dreams hitmaker took shots at Jay-Z via his music on tracks like It's Okay (One Blood), after hearing a freestyle the 99 Problems star made that The Game thought was aimed at him.
It turned out to be a misunderstanding, but The Game is glad it happened - because Jay-Z has now acknowledged his presence in the rap game.
And he hopes their lyrical exchange will lead to them hooking up in the studio.
He says, "Even though me and (Jay-Z) don't talk or do songs, he knows. He listens.
"He heard the 'You're 38, and you're still rappin', ugh' (from It's Okay (One Blood)). He came back on 'Kingdom Come' and I was like, 'Yeah! Jay listens to my s**t! (When Jay said) 'I used to think that rapping at 38 was ill / Till last year I grossed about 38 mill.' I was like, 'I know who he is talkin' to. I know he listens. I know his antenna's up.'
"Maybe one day he'll do a song with me, and then I'll stop shooting subliminals."