The Hate It Or Love It hitmaker sent his female fans into a frenzy in October (15) when he tested Instagram's decency rules by posting a racy photo of himself in his Ethika boxers online.

The picture, which clearly showed off the outline of his impressive manhood, went viral and according to, sent Ethika's sales soaring by a whopping 500 per cent.

The Game's popular snap shot has since earned him a partnership deal with the fashion brand, and now bosses have debuted the first few pieces of his new collection online.

Sales will also benefit the rapper's charity, The Robin Hood Project, and one pair will be donated to a homeless shelter for every pair sold, reports TMZ.

The Game, who has become known for his acts of kindness in recent years, is also planning to deliver a special surprise to all paying customers.

The news emerges three years after the star vowed to give away $1 million (£687,500) of his own money by Christmas, 2013 to help those in need.

He began documenting his charitable efforts on Instagram as he handed out cash to those he met on his travels, and his generous gestures earned him the Humanitarian of the Year title from bosses at the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studios in 2014.

"It all started when I gave one kid from Africa $20," he wrote in November, 2014, as he celebrated the accolade on Instagram. "That created @therobinhoodproject & since then I've given away over a million dollars of my own money hand to hand & through charitable organizations."