The Game has reportedly reached out in sympathy to Young Buck after he was dropped from the G-UNIT rap crew by 50 Cent.
The ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Young Buck - real name David Darnell Brown - began in early April (08), when Buck claimed he had yet to receive any royalty payments since signing with 50's G-Unit Records. He was subsequently fired by the In Da Club hitmaker.
And now MC The Game, who was also kicked out of G-Unit in 2005 for being "disloyal" to the group, has apparently extended his best wishes to his former G-Unit bandmate.
In a U.S. radio interview on Friday (09May08), Buck said, "To the homie Game. I'm aware of you reaching out. I haven't gotten on no phone conversations and actually spoke to Game, but he's reached out to a few people that's around me just to show his support like, 'Yo Buck, f**k whatever's going on, I just wanna see your well being (sic), as long as you aight (all right).' (He said) that type of thing.
"That's love and I ain't (sic) even got that call from (remaining G-Unit members, Lloyd) Banks and (Tony) Yayo, and we ain't (sic) got no issues with each other. The issue was from 50."