Rap star The Game is modest about the huge success of his latest album, ensuring those who have helped him along the way take some of the credit.

His album THE DOCUMENTARY has gone four times platinum worldwide and has attracted adulation from fans, critics and contemporaries, who are clamouring to feature on his next LP.

But the G-Unit member is determined to keep his feet on the ground and thank mentor DR DRE - and some good fortune - for helping him achieve success.

He tells MTV news, "I'm not a star. I'm just a regular guy who has a great rap album and is the protege of Dr Dre. But I'm the most down-to-earth guy. I'm still hungry - I'm starving actually. But I just work with whoever works with me, and if it makes the album, then great."

But he is keen to collaborate with Ice Cube, just one of the hip-hop stars who have offered their services for his next offering.

He adds, "Ice Cube gave me some words of wisdom and told me to save him a 16 (16 bars to rap over) on my album, which I will do. And he's definitely one of the best lyricists that ever did it. He's a man that I respect and a man that I grew up listening to, being that I'm from the NWA melting pot. Ice Cube is definitely a legend."

03/05/2005 17:18