Rap star The Game ignores female fans hoping to lure him into bed because he is determined to focus on keeping his rivals in check.

The Game, real name JAYCEON TAYLOR, fears a lapse in concentration could result in an aspiring rapper usurping his position at the top of the hip-hop hit parade.

He says, "I'm not a groupie type of guy. I'd much rather write some new raps, 'cause while I'm f**king groupies there's some kid out there writing raps and trying to take my spot. So f**k the b**ches, man."

But Taylor takes a keen interest in the beauties who feature in his videos because he doesn't trust casting agents to pick the kind of women who match his taste.

He explains, "I definitely pick the broads for my videos, 'cause I don't like ugly b**ches man. When they cast ugly b**ches, I get real angry."

25/03/2005 17:43