Hip-hop star The Game credits his tough Los Angeles upbringing with giving him the determination to succeed and make a better life for himself than the one provided by his troubled parents.

The Game, real name JAYCEON TAYLOR, was put into care at the tender age of seven when his older sister accused their father - who was a member of infamous Compton gang the Nutty Bloc Crips - of sexually molesting her.

Eight years later Taylor was reunited with his mother, but he doesn't hold a grudge against his estranged father because his experiences have made him the star he is today.

Taylor says, "My life is what it was - pretty f**ked up. But looking back doesn't hurt me, I don't cry about it.

"My father made mistakes, and what he did to my sister was f**king sick, but without that s**t, I wouldn't be entertaining you now with this album. I wouldn't be a millionaire. Hell, maybe I should be grateful to him for that."

04/05/2005 17:26