Rapper The Game pays his respects to hip-hop and R+B's tragic souls in his new DREAMS video, in which he retells the 2001 shooting incident that left him in a coma, fighting for his life.

The California-based rap sensation admits the tribute song, which name-checks Tupac Shakur, NOTORIOUS B.I.G, Aaliyah and

LISA 'LEFT EYE' LOPES (corr), took him a month to write.

And he invited NWA rapper Eazy E's son and RUN-DMC star Jam Master Jay's cousin to play the late icons in the promo.

He admits that watching the harrowing video, in which he acts out his hospital stay as he battled to live, was tough at times.

The Game says, "I damn near get tears in my eyes I would not wish this position on nobody.

"In no way shape or form have I ever tried to glorify me getting shot or glorify gang-banging or shooting, killing or selling drugs; it's all negativity and those are things that stem from growing up in Compton (California) and being from a broken home.

"Definitely, don't try this at home; it's not for you kid."

The video also features sexy R+B star Mya, who The Game admits was an old crush of his in the song, and mentors 50 CENT and Dr Dre.

03/05/2005 20:54