Rap sensation The Game has yet to spend any of the millions he has made since signing to Dr Dre's AFTERMATH label in 2002 because he's still living off his drug money.

The tough-talking Californian G-Unit member makes no secret of the fact he was a successful drug lord before he became a rapper.

He says, "I still ain't spent my advance money... I didn't need nothin'. I already had cars and s**t from my drug-dealing days.

"I got a Range Rover. I got a Harley. A Cadillac STS Deville."

But The Game, real name JAYCEON TAYLOR, is planning to treat himself to a new car now his album debut THE DOCUMENTARY has entered the US charts at number one.

He adds, "I'm get that new Bentley coupe when it comes out."

01/02/2005 09:19