LATEST: Rapper The Game has hit back at pin-up Vida Guerra after she went public with his affections for her. The video vixen and recent Playboy model recently challenged the rapper to a televised lie-detector test - to prove he's making up stories about a romance with her. The sexy Latina recently told King magazine she's furious about reports she dated The Game and is sickened by sexual claims the rap star made about her. But, rather than comment about her allegations, The Game is poking fun at Guerra's rapping skills, after she performed freestyle on a New York radio station, dissing the Los Angeles-based star. The Game says, "She can't rap worth s**t... She don't really wanna (challenge) me. She knows I would destroy her. "(I've got) no time for the video girls. I heard her rapping and I was like, 'This s**t sounds horrible.' Why would she do that?'" The Game is further attacking Guerra on new track I LOVE IT.