The Game may be bad ass, but even he can befall injury like the most humble of men, and in this case he didn't even get to enjoy the dubious glamour of being shot at 438 times like his former pal 50 Cent. Nope, the rapper was just out enjoying a game of basketball when he fell and had his hand stepped on by another player. Surely that shouldn't cause too much of an injury? Well this chap he was playing with must've been a behemoth, because the incident has left the poor artist with a broken thumb and a busted wrist.

The worst of it is he was forced to cancel a show in Japan following the injury; presumably holding the microphone must be pretty tough with your hand banged up, and no one wants to hold it in their southpaw, they'd just feel disorientated, right? So, unfortunately for him, he had to scratch his appearance at the Monster Vibes Festival over the weekend, according to MSN.

The Game was apologetic on Twitter, writing "An apology 2 my Japan fans [and] Monster vibe for my absence from show but due to my broken hand, recent surgery [and] meds I'm not able to travel." Hip-hop fans still had plenty to enjoy at the event however, with Ice Cube and WC, among others, still appearing.