Rapper The Game has filed legal papers against Koch Entertainment and Fast Life Records for releasing material he recorded prior to his deal with Dr Dre's Aftermath/Interscope label without authorisation. The lawsuit accuses the companies of 81 counts of copyright infringement for releasing at least five of the DREAMS hitmaker's demos - including UNTOLD STORY and G.A.M.E. - before the release of his debut album, THE DOCUMENTARY. The rap star - real name JAYCEON TAYLOR - is seeking an injunction to prevent the further distribution of his records by either company, as well as actual and punitive damages, costs and legal fees. Taylor's manager Jimmy Rosemond tells AllHipHop.com, "It is unfortunate that Koch ignored our request to halt distribution of Game's early recordings. "They are illegal masters that were obtained without the consent of the Game. We hope this will make any and all musical pirates more conscious of artists, like the Game and their copyrights and intellectual property. Koch just released another illegal Game album (G.A.M.E.). "This is a mere attempt to confuse Game's fans as he is preparing to release his sophomore album in June with Dr Dre." However, Koch Entertainment insists their rights to the disputed albums are "rock solid and legal". A spokesperson counters, "Game's current management has never made a request to us to stop selling these records and they have no legal ground to do so anyway. Intimidation certainly will not work with us."