Rapper The Game urged 50 Cent to end their long-standing rift, during a radio interview in New York last Friday (29SEP06). The two hip-hop stars fell out last year (05) after The Game spoke out in favour of 50 Cent's rap rivals, and the pair have been feuding ever since. However, following 50 Cent's high profile reconciliation with Sean Combs last week (beg24SEP06) The Game is eager to make friends too. During the interview on Hot 97, he repeatedly asked his rival to call into the station. He insisted, "(I want) just to talk and just to see where our heads are and see if maybe we can come to an even playing field - respectfully to each other.(I want to) see if we can figure it out (as) grown-ups." The pair publicly ended their feud at highly-publicised press conference last year (05) but relations broke down again soon after. The Game explains, "We weren't ready to do that. I don't think that either of us was ready to get on that stage."