Rapper The Game got the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show celebrations off to a great start yesterday (28AUG05) by driving up to the Miami Beach, Florida, stage in a convertible 1975 Chevrolet Caprise, painted "super sexy red".

He was one of many stars to arrive in style in classic cars - Green Day turned up in the convertible they used in video BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS, while Snoop Dogg drove up in a "tricked out" low rider convertible car, decorated in his beloved Los Angeles Lakers gold and purple colours.

The bonnet featured the signatures of Lakers greats.

Meanwhile, smooth hip-hop star COMMON stunned the Miami Beach crowd by snubbing a planned arrival with pals Kanye West and John Legend and turning up in a white 1955 Thunderbird.

He boasted, "It's a beautiful classic. I picked it because it has all the original parts on it."

Ludacris arrived in a classic Pontiac with an interior designed by Louis Vuitton.

Meanwhile, rapper Nelly arrived with his crew the ST LUNATICS in a converted 1972 Chevvy, which was kitted out with flat-screen TVs, and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx turned up in a yellow Lamborghini.

But it was Lil Kim who stole the show when she turned down the chance to roll up in a convertible and pulled up in a classy 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom.

The rapper, who was recently sentenced to serve a year and day in prison for perjury, said the car arrival choice was made easy for her: "It was a gift."