The Game has no taste for all the usual trappings that go with being a rap star - he is more focused on giving his son the kind of upbringing that he was denied.

The Game, real name JAYCEON TAYLOR, grew up in Los Angeles' crime-ridden Compton neighbourhood and his father was a gang member before he was accused of sexual molestation by Taylor's younger sister.

Taylor spent eight years being cared for by social services before being re-united with his mother, and he was also an active gang member involved in violence, crime and drug-dealing - things he wants to protect his young son Harlem from.

He says, "I'm one of the most down-to-earth hip-hop artists you will ever meet. Hip-hop for most people is all about fame, money, b**ches and fast cars, but me, I'm not materialistic.

"I'm in this for the money, sure, but my inspiration is a little boy called HARLEM. I want to give him a better life than I had."

04/05/2005 09:23