Rapper The Game has become celibate because he's terrified of picking up AIDS. The DREAMS hitmaker, a father of one, wants to father a large family but is putting this on hold for fear of contracting a nasty disease. He says, "I want a bunch of children but right now I'm practicing abstinence. "It's too many women out here and they're giving up AIDS and all them STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)... I don't want to get burned." Meanwhile, the rapper insists he'll never date a famous woman because he thinks showbiz romances are ridiculous. Despite admitting to a one-time crush on pop star Mya, he says, "I think that those business relationships, they don't never last. "Nick Cannon was dating Christina Milian. Now Christina Milian is dating DRE from COOL + DRE and he produced her whole album... You wonder, 'Is Christina Milian gonna be dating him after her album drops and she don't need him no more?' "I'm gonna marry the best woman for me. Whatever shape or size she comes in - fat, skinny, ugly, pretty."