Fans of The Game and 50 CENT, and Eminem's rap collective D-12, have declared war on teen actor SHIA LaBOUF after he questioned the talents of the hip-hop stars.

During a recent chat show appearance, 19-year-old LaBouf expressed his belief that 50 Cent and The Game were highly overrated, and he's been stunned by the reaction it has prompted on the internet.

He says, "It was a stupid thing to do... I went on The Game's fansite with D-12 and all that, all the Aftermath camp, and there's like a F**k Shia post-page.

"(There are) people battling me, like type-battling. So me and my friend are just sitting there like, 'All right, let's get involved.' So we start type-battling also, and it's like this three-week type-battle I've been having with D-12."

And LaBouf, who's a fan of Common and Joe Budden, jokingly asserts he's now a fully-fledged fan of The Game, adding, "I've since listened to The Game's album after I made that comment. I think it's terrific... I love every track."