British films are taking record-breaking sales at box offices around the world, according to the latest figures.

Takings in America alone have doubled since horror flick 28 DAYS LATER reached a phenomenal $40 million (GBP25 million), nearing The Full Monty's record take for a British flick - $45.6 million (GBP28.5 million).

Soccer movie Bend It Like Beckham has also been popular, taking $28 million (GBP17.5 million) in America and $70 million (GBP43.5 million) world-wide.

The UK share of the US box office figures taken last weekend (1-3AUG03) show that 13 per cent of the top 15 films were British compared to 7.2 per cent last year (02).

10/08/2003 14:08