The Fray frontman Isaac Slade was inspired to write the band's new song Heartbeat after sitting down with the President of Rwanda to discuss the country's plight.
The How to Save a Life hitmakers were invited to help the African leader, Paul Kagame, celebrate his 53rd birthday back in October, 2010 and during the trip, Slade took the time to discuss the state of the war-torn country with the politician.
He was so moved by their conversation and the hope of local citizens, he penned the tune Heartbeat for the band's upcoming album Scars and Stories.
Appearing on U.S. breakfast show Today on Thursday (22Dec11), he said, "We travelled a lot for this record we wrote in New Orleans (Louisiana), and Rwanda... I met with the President, I played a song for his birthday, last fall (10) and I got to talk to him about kind of the loneliness of leadership, and his story is crazy. And it really inspired me to start that song and we wrote it about, kind of, Rwanda getting back on its feet."