The Fratellis frontman JON FRATELLI shocked musician LOU HICKEY by quitting his side project Codeine Velvet Club - she only found out they were disbanding through reports in the press.
Fratelli, real name Jon Lawler, has been singing with Hickey since 2008, as well as continuing to front the Chelsea Dagger hitmakers.
Fans feared The Fratellis had gone their separate ways last month (Apr10), when Lawler announced they were no longer working together - but he later took to his blog to insist the split isn't permanent.
Lawler then shocked his Codeine Velvet Club bandmate by announcing he will no longer play in their group despite his break from The Fratellis, and she's hurt he didn't think to ring her first.
Hickey says, "It is a shock. I'm sad and disappointed for the fans because we had some really amazing plans and I communicate a lot online. I feel bad to let them down. We were hoping for a tour after the album being out and we're not going to get one which is disappointing...
"I was aware of some things that were happening and not others, so it was a bit of a shock. I'm an honest person and I like people involved in parts of my life to know what's going on. I would have appreciated the same in return. I didn't expect to be woken up with phone calls and I didn't expect to see something like that in the papers... I don't have any bad feeling. I just think it's a shame."
But the pair is planning to hold several more concerts before going their separate ways.
Lawler adds, "We've got about nine gigs left with CVC and we'll have fun but there'll be nothing after that. The plan was to keep it going like an old car and drive til it stops."