Review of Benton Harbour Blues Single by The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces
Benton Harbour Blues
Single Review

The Fiery Furnaces Benton Harbour Blues Single

When The Fiery Furnaces signature rustic keyboard sound kicks in, you cannot help but gripping yourself for a journey of gritty quirkiness with heart and a little eccentricity. The epicentre of this quirky outfit, the Chicago born siblings Mat and Eleanor Friedberger have now penned four original albums and released a B-sides collection, all since 2003.

The winding instrumentals contained in 'Benton Harbour Blues' are freshened up by Eleanor's soothing, yet melancholy driven vocals that gives a refreshing edge to this song. This offering extracted from their recent 'Bitter Tea' album, sees this intriguing outfit turning up the heat with lyrical bite and quaint musical craft.

David Adair

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