Review of Single Again Single by The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces - New record Single Again - Single review released on Rough Trade Records

They have already given us a sixteen track sizzler of dingy, dizzy and dazzling bluesy rock gems; Gallowbirds Bark' that had the Darkness produced such sustained quality, would have seen them more popular than a British tennis player winning Wimbledon. However, a mere eight months after their debut album the Chicago formed and New York based quartet come back with a brand new celebration of emotional and financial freedom; Single Again'. Although, this will be nothing new to Furnaces devotees having become as much apart of their live set as a celebrity voice is to the an episode of The Simpsons'. The A side is a down to earth number with similar sprightly keyboard sparked instrumentals to well received previous release Tropical Iceland'. Eleanor Friederberger's vocals sound as authoritative as PJ Harvey, as eccentric as Bjork and as upbeat as Thea Gilmore. Her elder brother Matt, who is also in occupancy at the epicenter of the Furnaces whacky creativity, provides the at times piercing and hypnotic keyboard accompaniment.

The somber and reflective side to this intriguing outfit is borne out in Evergreen', as Matt's keyboard accompaniment slows along with Eleanor's compelling vocals, as she conveys feelings of loneliness in a way that only the Furnaces can;

I would dab off my tears with my favourite pine cone.

Having kept impatient Franz Ferdinand gig goers peeled to their show as they recently opened for the latest fad on their UK tour, The Fiery Furnaces will be appearing at Reading and Leeds this year and with their mind boggling lyrics and crisp psychedelic instrumentals, they will surely be a welcomed addition to the line up.

Words: David Adair

Music - The Fiery Furnaces - New record Single Again - Single review released on Rough Trade Records