Review of Gallowbird's Bark. 20/10/03 Rough Trade Records. Album by The Fiery Furnaces

Fiery Furnaces

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Fiery Furnaces: Gallowbird's Bark. 20/10/03 Rough Trade Records.

An album which contains more references to travelling than an Alexandre Dumas novel is really the epitome of good blues rock, songs about places and points miles away from where you are. Brother and Sister Matt and Eleanor whose sadness, irreverence, authenticity and eccentricity largely combines to make up Fiery Furnaces and give an edge to the band's raw New York sound, even though they originate from Chicago. Opening track 'South Is Only A Home' encapsulates all the above. Sheer thumping instrumentals complement Eleanor's sharp blues vocal style, with lyrics that tell the listener to quit their moaning:

"Oh what a waste you've been.

Clapham clowns stop your frowning, let it go your not alone."

Music - Fiery Furnaces: Gallowbird's Bark. 20/10/03 Rough Trade Records.

Eleanor provides the main vocal duties on the album that features a mixture of VV Kills, Patsy Cline and a hint of PJ Harvey, being quite flexible in places. The six track fire burner of a debut album contains fast paced bouncy vocals with zapping guitars and a catchy chorus like 'Don't Dance Her Down' to mellower acoustic based tracks such as 'Tropical Ice-Land'. Variety is added to this daring debut by way of melodious piano tunes, like that in 'Inca Rag Name Game' that also features Matt's folk style vocals. This is a promising and varied debut that is authentic, and contains enough hooks to make you want to check out one their well received live shows. They are heading off on tour with Hot Hot Heat this month.