The Feeling want to have children so they can use them on their records.

The 'Never Be Lonely' hitmakers have decided that after bassist Richard Jones' son Sonny, now five, appeared on one of their early singles, they are going to encourage their partners to get pregnant so they can feature other children on future records.

Gay frontman Dan Gillespie Sells said: "Sonny was on one of them and I think Kit, Richard's youngest son, should make it into the next one. It should be a baby per album, we can have a different baby on each record."

His bandmate Kevin Jeremiah joked: "I should have to speak to my wife about that, 'Come on, we need children for our records, come on, do it.' "

Meanwhile, Dan admitted he bars the rest of the band from giving their opinions on new material he writes.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "I don't play to anyone except the guys in the band and they know not to say anything, if they don't like it."