With only a single hit film -- The Fast And The Furious -- making good at the box office this year, Universal Studios executives are preparing to explain their losing streak to NBC Universal CFO Lynn Calpeter, the New York Post reported today (Monday). The newspaper, citing four unnamed sources inside the company, said that NBC Universal President/CEO Jeff Zucker had dispatched Calpeter to Hollywood to "get more educated on the studio." One source said that Universal Studios Chairman Ron Meyer is irritated by Calpeter's visit. "It's always annoying for someone in Hollywood when corporate comes around because they generally don't get the nuances of the business," the source told the Post. Some industry observes have suggested that the studio's fortunes could change with the release of Public Enemies on Wednesday, Sasha Baron Cohen's Brüno on July 10 and Judd Apatow's Funny People on July 31.