An Australian politician has condemned new racing movie The Fast And The Furious: TOKYO DRIFT for promoting "reckless behaviour behind the wheel". Original FAST AND THE FURIOUS stars Paul Walker and Vin Diesel have not returned for the second sequel, which stars Lucas Black and Bow Wow as illegal car racers in Tokyo, Japan. Bathurt, New South Wales (NSW), Member of Parliament (MP) GERARD MARTIN is urging parents to discourage their teenagers from watching the film, which he believes could inspire dangerous driving. He says, "What offends me most about these movies is they are based around stolen cars, illegal modifications and street racing - which communities right across NSW are trying to stamp out. "In country (regions of) NSW, in particular, we lose dozens of young people - mostly young men - to road accidents. "Here is a movie that targets those teens and young adults, and tells them reckless behaviour behind the wheel is the stuff of Hollywood action and adventure. (This film is) American trash."