The Green Hornet, the fictional hero who fought crime with assorted high-tech inventions first on radio, then in comic books, and later on television, is coming to the movies. Sony's Columbia Pictures announced that it had obtained the rights to the character and that he will be brought to the big screen by producer Neal Moritz (I Know What You Did Last Summer; The Fast And The Furious). Moritz said in a statement that the 1966-'67 TV series, which introduced Bruce Lee to the general U.S. public as Kato, the Green Hornet's "faithful servant," was "my favorite show as a kid." According to legend, the character of Kato was changed from Japanese to Filipino after the outbreak of World War 2, but old-time radio historians say that as early as two years before the war, Kato was described as a Filipino "of Japanese descent." At least one report about the new film indicated that Kato will become a full-fledged Japanese in it.