Robert Cavalli says Paris Fashion Week is his "world".

The designer shows at the prestigious event every six months and admits he could never miss it because it's such an important part of his life.

Writing on his blog, he said: "I am here in Paris for fashion week. I could not miss it - It is my world!

"Although it is much changed since the day I started, it is still charming, still a special part of our lives, even for people who often snob and criticize it. It is a pleasure to experience and to know who is making The Fashion world happen. There is an intense curiosity about the people who make this happen - the models, the charming actresses and actors on the red carpet.

"We cannot escape from so many gossips! (sic)"

Roberto loves being in the French capital and still stays in the same apartment he bought in 1975.

He said: "Paris is beautiful! It takes me by the hand through this wonderful experience that is renewed every six months!

"I live in a small apartment on the Ile de Saint Louis, a small island on the Seine in the heart of Paris! I bought this studio in 1975. It was truly the first wish I could grant myself - 600 square feet on the fifth floor with a spiral staircase and no elevator! I live on the rooftops of Paris in the most romantic and artistic area.

"In the Summer I remove the mattress from my bed and use it for sunbathing on my neighbor's roof - such a special feeling! (sic)"