NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt has unveiled his network's schedule for next season -- a schedule that appears to include a record number of new shows. But Greenblatt declined to hold a news conference to discuss his programming strategy or details of the shows in advance of the upfront presentation. He instead issued a statement on Sunday explaining that the network's aim is to develop enough strong comedies and dramas to take advantage of the promotional heft of the Winter Olympics and devise two schedules for the upcoming season: one for fall and a slightly different one for midseason. Six new series are due to be introduced in The Fall, and another six at midseason. At the beginning of his presentation, Greenblatt quipped that there had been a slight change in the network's plans and that he himself will be replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight show. (A photo of him sitting at Leno's desk was displayed in the background.) And Jay Leno will be taking my job. The joke fell flat.