The Fall frontman Mark E Smith was left so underwhelmed by a portrait of himself in a gallery, he demanded the offending artwork be taken down immediately.

The cult rocker is one of a collection of celebrity caricatures, including David Bowie and Jack Nicholson, by local artist ANDY PARRY being exhibited in the KRO 2 gallery in Manchester, England.

But when Mancunian Smith visited the exhibition with some of his bandmates he took an immediate dislike to his likeness.

The Fall bassist STEVE TRAFFORD says, "Mark just found it offensive. He felt that it didn't look like him, thought it was grotesque and wanted it taken down. Some of the staff took it down on the night."

But Kro 2 owner MARK RUBY has confirmed the offending painting is now back on show in the gallery: "We did take it down on the night because we don't want to make arguments with customers but we've since put it back up again.

"I don't understand it. By their very nature caricatures are not flattering but there are some big stars up there with him.

"He's probably the least well-known and his picture is the biggest. It's a homage to him, not a mickey take."

30/12/2004 17:52