The Enemy star Andy Hopkins was left gobsmacked during the band's set at Britain's V Festival on Saturday (18Aug12) after spotting a naked fan in the crowd.
The rockers were playing the 4Music Stage at the event in Staffordshire, England when bassist Hopkins stepped off the stage to mingle with the audience - but he was given an unexpected surprise.
He tells music website, "I jumped in the crowd... it was a long way down, but I knew I'd make it. Everyone was loving it, there was a naked crowdsurfer too. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I was like 'Fair play to you mate, now put it (his penis) away'. He'd painted it orange too, which made it even weirder."
The band will take to the stage at the event again on Sunday (19Aug12) at the festival's other site in Essex, south-east England.