British rockers The Enemy have been forced to axe plans to stage two upcoming concerts on the grounds of an historic cathedral in their home city of Coventry, England due to noise restrictions.
The band, fronted by Tom Clarke, had planned to thrill fans by performing open air shows in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral next Monday (21May12) and Tuesday (22May12), marking the first big gigs to take place at the venue, which was bombed during World War Two.
But on Monday (14May12), the stars announced local bureaucracy and authorities' concerns about noise levels had nixed the concerts and they're "absolutely devastated" by the decision.
In a lengthy post on The Enemy's page, the rockers write, "We're sad to announce that because of noise restrictions imposed by Coventry Council and certain health and safety aspects, the sold out gigs on the 21st and 22nd of May will not be able to go ahead in the Ruins, and will be moved to another venue in Coventry.
"We are absolutely devastated, just gutted. So much hard work has gone into trying to do something special for the people in Coventry. We absolutely adore our fans, especially our home fans, and we really wanted to put on the cathedral show as a way to say thank you for the support over the years.
"The noise restrictions and some red tape the council and cathedral have imposed mean that we'll have to move the gig, at the eleventh hour, been left with no choice. We don't want to risk having to cancel the show on the morning if the council and the police decide not to grant a license. It's not fair to the fans who've spent their hard earned (money) on tickets..."
The show will now take place at the Coventry Kasbah, where The Enemy will make it up to fans by playing their first two albums in their entirety, in addition to performing new material.
The group has also promised to refund part of the ticket price to make up for the location issues.