The Enemy were ''disappointed with both'' of their first two albums.

The group's debut, 'We'll Live and Die in These Towns', was a huge hit, but its follow up, 'Music for the People', failed to match the same commercial success, although the band feel they never reached their full potential on either record.

Singer Tom Clarke said: ''We were disappointed with both albums because both of them had something missing. The first album we'd nailed the songs, and the second album we'd nailed the sound but the songs weren't right.''

After a change in record label, the band - which includes Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins and newly added second guitarist Chris Allen - are now releasing third album 'Streets in the Sky', and are excited about the potential it gives them.

Tom added to NME magazine: ''It feels like we've now got a solid platform to build on to release more albums. Now that we know It's possible and we know how to do it and who to do it with, it feels OK.''

'Streets in the Sky' is released later this spring.