The Enemy frontman TOM CLARKE is beginning to regret splashing out on a farm - because it needs too much work to maintain the land.
The rocker purchased an expansive plot in England earlier this year (09) and has been spending time renovating the property - but the project has left him exhausted and rethinking life as a farmer.
He says, "I've bought a farm and have been renovating it while the band have been on wind-down (a break). But it's so much work! Honestly, I'm having second thoughts now.
"I bought it then realised I'd bitten off more than I can chew. It needs loads and loads of work - it's taking up all my time."
Clarke admits he has yet to purchase any farmyard creatures, adding: "I haven't got any animals yet. I'm just trying to grow grass at the moment.
"Pigs smell of their own s**t. I reckon cows are going to get trendy soon so I might get some of them - Highland cows, the ones which look like sofas."