British rockers eels have based their new video on frontman MARK EVERETT's brush with police earlier this year (10) when the singer was mistaken for a terrorist.
Everett was questioned by cops in London's Hyde Park after a mix-up which led them to believe he was a suspect in an ongoing terrorism inquiry.
He was released without charge and now he is reliving the incident in the promo for the group's new single, Baby Loves Me, which sees him wandering around what looks like a scale model of the British capital.
He tells, "It's my way of saying 'Thanks for making me feel bad by accusing me of being a terrorist in Hyde Park this June. I'll show you. I'll make your city look like a toy'.
"All I know is sometimes I'm big, sometimes I'm small, and sometimes I'm really, really tiny. Kind of like how I feel from day to day. And I see a lot of the world in this video, much like I do on our world tour right now."