The Eels frontman MARK EVERETT has invited British monarch Queen Elizabeth II to watch the band perform live in London. The rocker, who is better known by his stage name E, wrote to Buckingham Palace to offer the royal a free guest-list place for the gig at the capital's Royal Festival Hall, plus a free copy of his book, Things The Grandchildren Should Know. In his letter, he writes, “We have played the Festival Hall several times and I've noticed that your royal box is usually empty. I'd like to change that. We have also played your Queen Elizabeth and Royal Albert Halls. I don't think you were at those shows either. “I recently saw the movie The Queen and, while I know that wasn't actually you in the film, it made me think that I would like you as a person. I'd like you to be one of the people who call me E. If you're free February 25, please come down to the show."