To celebrate the release of The Eels' 'Blinking lights and other revelations 4 LP' deluxe vinyl limited edition which there are only 2500 copies of, the band is giving away for free a 4 song EP download for one week from Tuesday 21st October to Monday 28th October. The deluxe BLINKING LIGHTS package includes 3 LPs of the critically acclaimed album on vinyl for the first time with a fourth disc that is an exclusive 17 track live album, Manchester 2005, recorded shortly after the release of blinking lights. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, the 4 LPs each have their own covers, rice paper dust sleeves, and are accompanied by a hardback book of lyrics and photos, all housed in a beautifully crafted box that is numbered and begrudgingly signed by the author himself, EELS leader E.

Anyone can have the EP even if you don't have the deluxe edition. Just follow the link below: