U2 guitarist The Edge plays so well on the band's new album because he is frustrated at bandmate Bono's charity work, according to the singer himself.

The Beautiful Day axeman is angry Bono's high-profile campaigning meant he was often photographed in the company of politicians The Edge disapproves of, such as American President George W Bush.

But instead of causing a rift in the group, Bono is delighted to that the tension has resulted in virtuoso musicianship on the as-yet-untitled new LP.

Bono says, "It's filled with big tunes and it's driven by a guitar player who is sick of the sight of me shaking hands with dodgy politicians. The anger is unbelievable.

"The Edge is the most gifted guitar player of his generation - that's obvious. He's driving it and he's going, 'This is enough. If I see one more photo of you with a dodgy politician I'm going to throw up.'"

08/10/2003 17:42