Chloe Moretz injured herself on the set of 'Kick-Ass'.

The 13-year-old actress - who has caused some controversy due to her swearing in the action comedy movie - admits she was left hurt when she performed a stunt, but didn't want medics to be called.

She said: "I fell on The Edge of a chair, and it kinda broke. I was begging them not to get the medic, but of course they were all like, 'No, let's check it out.'

"And it was just fine, it was just a cut. I've gotten way worse in real life. My dog bit me once."

The young star also confirms she did most of her own stunts in the film.

She told Now Toronto: "Practically all of it is me except for the running up the wall - that was a person who ran up the wall actually, without wires. I was sitting there thinking, 'Are you kidding me? Is this fake?' It's breathtaking."

British-born Chloe recently defended 'Kick-Ass' against criticism from some people who claimed a young girl should not be swearing in a film.

She said: "It's a movie. Obviously a little girl can't beat up and kill huge, heavy men. I don't see how anyone would realise it's not real. It is a controversial role, but it was a role I wanted to do. If I said a sixteenth of the words I did in that movie at home, I would be grounded for the rest of my life for sure."