The comedy duo which appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show when The Beatles made their iconic U.S. TV debut couldn't understand a word John Lennon said when he met them backstage.
Mitzy MCCall and Charlie Brill also made their debut on the February, 1964 broadcast and Brill admits he had no idea who Lennon was when he knocked on their dressing room door and asked for a Coca-Cola.
In Fab Four superfan Seth Swirsky's new film Beatles Stories, Brill recalls, "He had a funny haircut and he says, 'Give us a Coke luv!'... and I said to Mitzi, 'Can you tell me what he said?' and he starts to laughed."
And the confusion didn't end there.
MCCall slowly began to realise the guy in front of her was a Beatle - and the noise of screaming fans outside the theatre was for him and his band, and she said, "Do you realise this is all for you?"
Brill adds, "He said, 'No, I think it's feringo (for Ringo)...!' We thought it was a Jewish holiday!"