The Eagles star Joe Walsh is set to play a fundraising concert in support of a Chicago, Illinois politician seeking to defeat the rocker's namesake in an upcoming election for U.S. Congress.
Democrat Tammy Duckworth is hoping to beat Republican Representative Joe Walsh to the congressional seat when voters go to the polls later this year (12) and she has landed a top endorsement from the veteran rocker, who ironically shares the same name as her political rival.
Guitarist Walsh, who lived in Evanston, Illinois as a child, will stage a benefit gig for Iraq War veteran Duckworth in July (12) and he insists his support is no publicity stunt.
He tells the Associated Press, "I sincerely believe that she is the real thing. I'm frustrated with Congress in that they're not getting very much done and I'm frustrated to the point where I think people should start paying attention to who's in Congress."
Joe Walsh the rocker and Joe Walsh the Congressman are no strangers - the musician previously threatened to sue the Republican for copyright infringement after he used an Eagles' song in a video on his website without authorisation in 2010. The clip was subsequently removed.
But the artist is adamant his support of Duckworth has nothing to do with his previous dealings with his namesake: "It's kind of awkward that the incumbent has my name. This is not about him."