The Eagles star Don Henley has assured music fans that things are looking up - because the group only releases albums when the charts aren't full of rubbish. The rocker reveals the Hotel California hitmakers "bide" their time between albums, because they don't want to hit the charts as American Idols and TV stars fight for number one. As the classic rock act prepare to release new album Long Road Out Of Eden, Henley tells, "We've just been sort of waiting for some of this bad music to die down, for certain trends to go away, so we can get out there on the dance floor again." And he insists old school recording processes the band uses are new school now - because they ignore the digital techniques other acts use. He adds, "We still play instruments and sing. There are still some of the processes that remain organic, and that's the way we want it... The computer still won't write lyrics for you. That still has to come by the sweat of the brow." And addressing fans who are concerned the band is selling the new album exclusively at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores in America, he states, "The business has changed so drastically. Wal-Mart is not a perfect company, but... they can't possibly be any worse than a major record label. "There aren't many places where 60-year-old men, no matter how good their record is, can get this kind of promotion and widespread retail coverage."