British royal The Duchess Of York is hoping to kick start a career as an actress in America.

Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of PRINCE ANDREW, is setting her sights on television parts as movies roles seem a "bit ambitious".

The 44-year-old, who has previously appeared in sit-com Friends, was spotted mingling with movie bosses at Sunday's (25JAN04) Golden GlobeS awards in Los Angeles.

She told an insider, "I would like to act. I genuinely think it would be a good idea. Certainly, I have enough experience of drama because that's what my whole life has been.

"But, seriously, I would consider TV acting. Film might be a bit ambitious."

An executive at American TV network FOX says, "It's open to question whether she could carve a full-time career as an actress, but there is no doubt she could do it as a sideline in a small way.

"There's no shortage of people who will offer her cameo parts. It would attract a lot of attention.

"Royalty still has a kudos here that it doesn't back in Britain. But she won't be in starring in the next series of 24."

28/01/2004 21:09