The Duchess Of York, Sarah Ferguson, fears her breath stank on her wedding day thanks to the strict low-carbohydrate diet she was using to lose weight.

British royal Fergie was so desperate to look her best when she wed Prince ANDREW in 1986 she stuck to an early form of the ATKINS DIET, which ruled out vegetables, pasta and bread.

Now a WEIGHTWATCHERS champion, Ferguson has come to realise the diet wasn't all that healthy for her - and she must have smelt bad on the big day.

She explains, "On the day of my wedding I had such a migraine and I probably had breath like you can't imagine with terrible spots and hair falling out. It was terrible.

"I did it all because I knew it does work - it's a quick fix. It took me seven years of WeightWatchers - hard support and hard working on well-balanced food to actually get it right."

26/10/2003 20:59