British royal The Duchess Of York is making a fortune from public-speaking - after signing up with a lucrative American agency.

Sarah Ferguson is earning $53,200 (GBP28,000) for every 'overcoming adversity' talk she gives and has already earnt $159,200 (GBP84,000) since joining the WASHINGTON SPEAKERS BUREAU earlier this month (FEB04).

PRINCE ANDREW's former wife, 44, has made a fortune from television work and book deals and as spokeswoman for diet giants WEIGHTWATCHERS INTERNATIONAL and pottery firm WEDGWOOD.

The agency promises the Duchess will "talk about her parents' divorce, her sudden catapult on to the international public stage, the vilification at the hands of the media and the death of loved one".

The only downside for the busy Duchess is that her duties in America means time away from daughters EUGENIE and BEATRICE in England.

A friend says, "She (Ferguson) is incredibly busy, but she's more confident now than she has ever been.

"She looks fantastic and feels it."

25/02/2004 17:34