Cult indie rockers The Drums almost split up last month (Jun11) as relationships between the band members became strained.
Guitarist Adam Kessler stunned fans by suddenly quitting the group in September (10), making way for a temporary musician to step into his place.
Following the shake-up, frontman Johnny Pierce spoke out to insist Kessler's departure had caused the band to become "tighter and stronger".
But now it appears there's still a rift within the group - after the New Yorkers struggled to complete their latest record, Portamento.
Pierce says, "We have faced trials. The guitarist (Kessler) left, there were a lot of shouting matches. Two weeks ago, we came very close to splitting. But that has nourished the album, I think.
"The first record was quite naive, this one absolutely isn't. We couldn't make another record in the same way, but, in the end, I regret nothing.
"I wouldn't change anything, nothing at all. Certainly, there have been a lot of doubts, but this album would have been very different. We have had to grow, and very quickly."