The former manager of The Drifters has launched legal action to gain control of the veteran soul band's name. FAYE TREADWELL - wife of late music mogul GEORGE, who originally managed the group until his 1967 death - claims she is the legal owner of The Drifters moniker. She is seeking a court order banning a UK incarnation of the band - one of five in the country - from performing under The Drifters banner. The case is due to be heard in London's High Court later this year (07), according to British newspaper The Times. George Treadwell purchased the rights to the name in 1954, a year after the band was formed, with his management rights passing to Faye following his death. Faye Treadwell managed The Drifters, now based in the UK, from 1967 until 2001. But she claims the band continued to sell records and perform despite her telling them not to. Treadwell's lawyer TOM FREDERIKSE says, "It is a unique style of band. If you look through 50 years of history you have one theme that's constant - the name Treadwell. It is a family-owned band and it cannot be right that a former employee can take it. "Since 2001 the 'Treadwell' Drifters have continued to sell records and a compilation album was released in 2003." The group has seen many line-ups, with 50 members in almost as many years selling 300 million albums.