Veteran soul band The Drifters were involved in a serious car accident in England in the early hours of this morning (12MAR07), with one member suffering head injuries. The US group was travelling near Rotherham in Yorkshire when their car, travelling at 70 miles (113 kilometres) per hour, hit another vehicle that had crashed after swerving to avoid a deer. Singer PATRICK ALAN is being treated in Rotherham Hospital for head injuries. His three bandmates - ROHAN TURNEY, PETER LAMARR and VICTOR BYNOE - received less serious wounds and have been discharged by doctors. The Drifters' driver sustained a chest injury and cuts to his hands, while the driver of the other vehicle suffered whiplash and airbag injuries - he had managed to get out of his car before it was smashed into. Policeman JOHN SCRUBY says of the totalled vehicles at the crash scene, "It is quite astonishing that we were not dealing with a fatal collision given the nature of the incident." The Drifters were travelling from Newcastle, where they performed a gig last night (11MAR07), to London. Turney, Lamarr and Bynoe have continued their journey to the capital.